My A2 as it Develops

My A2 as it Develops

My “tactical” A2 continues to have equipment added to the gun. It is a smooth shooting weapon and I am looking forward to trying hi-power and tactical rifle courses with it… But this year the time crunch has been severe.

I am looking for a new job with longer hours so I can have a few more days off per week. This will permit me the time I am looking for to work my blog a bit more and actually go shoot these rifles I have built.

A2Rifle (1)


However some observations about the A2: the tactical sling works well. The foregrip is a KAC grip and I like the capability it gives me to control the rifle. While a pure verticle grip may be “on its way out” vs the hybrid slanted or AFG type setups, I still think the best grip has merit even further back on the rail. It is a comfortable setup.


The rifle is quite capable in the accuracy dept. I don’t know how my target compares to high power shooters, but the grouping was decent. Once your locked into a rifle with a GI web sling, you are a rock and nothing moves. This was a starting zero at 100 yards from prone.

A2Rifle (5)

The tactical light is not as easy to use I would like. The placement of Streamlight’s controls is suited for a pistol, not a rifle.  Something like the Inforce wml is a better product for direct rail attachment.

A2Rifle (4)

So far I like the direction the A2 is going. It is an incredibly smooth shooting weapon and I think I will be able to keep up with the tactical shooters based on previous experience, but how I can fare next to the high power shooters remains to be seen.



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