High-Power or Tactical Carbine? Let’s Try Both With One Gun.

High-Power or Tactical Carbine? Let’s Try Both With One Gun.

So I was thinking the other day where to take the AR15 A2 project. I think I have made up my mind.

I am going to use the AR15 A2 rifle in High Power competitions and Tactical Carbine events. The same gun… for both events. That said this will necessitate some changes. The A2 project is intended to bring the A2 rifle out of the closet to show that it can hang its hat right next to the M4 style platforms in tactical competitions. Broadening the goal to include High Power will really step this up a notch. All respect is due to anyone who masters their weapon be it carbine or rifle… but let’s face it: The AR15 A2 is dismissed everywhere but service rifle competitions. For anyone who recently purchased an AR15, the A2 is a history lesson. 

I thought to myself, why not run the A2 in both High Power and Carbine Matches? What we have here is an AR15 with an M16A2 upper receiver and FN barrel in 1/7 twist. That’s a good start. Let’s add a free float quad rail (which is now legal in service rifle) and then add and subtract accessories. Throw on a GI web sling for high power matches. Take it off and plug-in a tactical sling for carbine matches. Run it with a fore-grip and light… take those off when its time to go to the CMP match. Install a national match rear drum and windage knob… but keep the A2 peep so the rifle isn’t useless for self defense. I will not be adding HBAR anything. Nope. Govt Profile is what it has now, and that’s what its gonna keep.

This project satisfies three very important goals for me.

1) Update the A2 and use it in practical rifle events.

2) Learn more about marksmanship through study and competition.

3) Prove that you don’t need any “special” rifle to learn to shoot.

You just need the will to try.

I know I won’t come in first at High Power. I know I won’t come in first at the tactical carbine matches. At the very least I know I won’t come in last at the carbine matches. Irons only are what I started with and I did OK there.

So there is my plan so far. Build a rifle that will suit both goals and then master the rifle. I plan to load ammo specifically for it (being 69 grain SMK) and use the same ammo at both carbine and high power competitions. Let’s hope my yearly schedule will allow me time to practice with these goals. I will chronicle the use of the rifle and each range trip with pictures and video. To get this project off the ground I need time and money. Both of these run short right now so let’s hope I am not killed over credit card bills.

Keep watching as this project develops.

Needs Outline:

  • Obtain FF rail
  • Obtain Log Book
  • Obtain Bullets (Ordered!)
  • Reload Lots of Bullets
  • Get Targets
  • Better Shooting Glasses
  • Better Shooting Matt

Last but not least:

Practice like my life depended on it.

Written by lothaen


  1. E.D.M. · February 11, 2014

    I’m going this exact direction. Though less full on A2 and more A5. There is just something really elegant about a 20″ government upper. The more I practice with iron sights, the more I think has been lost in the shuffle with modern red dots and emphasis on short range “dynamic” shooting.

  2. E.D.M. · February 11, 2014

    Also, if you haven’t already picked up a few of the items you listed. I’m a big fan of TAB or Triad Tactica’s shooting mats. Simple and easy to use. I’ve also been using impact data books for a while, highly recommended (along with Storm Tactical)

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